Integrations: MusicIDB Livesites

MusicIDB Livesite are special themes built for WordPress that allow a fast set-up with a good deal of customization.  Over two 90-minute sessions with working directly with you, we build the website moving through the essential components of design, development, content, marketing decisions, and launching the website.

MusicIDB Livesites are $349 for the two 90 minute sessions + a 2-year contract at $15/month which includes a VIP Subscription.  (This includes hosting for up to 1000 hits/month)


Pricing by Hosting Variations

MusicIDB Livesite (with Business Hosting)

Under 1K hits/month

MusicIDB Livesite (with Business Hosting +)

Over 1K hits/month  (up to 2.5K)
Or over 1GB storage

MusicIDB Livesite (with Business Hosting ++)

Average 2.5 to 5K hits/month

MusicIDB Livesite (with Enterprise Hosting)

Please request a quote for pricing.
Averaging over 5K hits/month

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